Retraction: Assessment of postharvest loss of avocado at producers level (Case of Wolaita and KembataTembaro Zones)

نوع مقاله : مقاله کامل پژوهشی


Wolaita Sodo University


Fruits are horticultural crops that are important to Ethiopia's food security, livelihoods and economy. It was very popular in the human diet mainly for vitamins and minerals. However, post-harvest loss results are a serious challenge for growers. Determining the post- harvest loss status of fruit is essential to decide on how much are produced and how much of them are worn out. Current study was to estimation the post-harvest loss of avocado fruits at the producer level using cross-sectional data obtained from 385 proportionately sampled respondents from Wolaita and Kembata Tembaro Zones, the SNNPR of Ethiopia. Descriptive and multiple regression analysis were used to estimate the amount and determinant of post-harvest loss. The average post-harvest loss of avocado at the producer level was estimated at 24.1 per cent, of which 5.7 per cent was due to poor harvesting practices and 4.9 per cent to poor storage practices. Sex, education, income, training, contact with extension agents, distance from the nearest road, and off-farm income were found to be negative determinants, whereas storage accessibility and avocado harvest techniques were found to be positive determinants of post-harvest loss of avocado fruits. Post-harvest losses contribute significantly to food insecurity and create a problem for the income source of individuals and the economy of the country. Therefore, the use of a practical and effective post-harvest loss reduction technique could be a sustainable solution to increase food availability, eliminate hunger and improve farmers' livelihoods.



The Editor-in-Chief  wishes to retract this paper because of redundant publication--having been published in another journal in October 2022, which is against the rules and guidelines of COPE.

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