Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3, December 2021 
Encapsulation of Lycopene by Using Basil Seed Gum/Polyvinyl Alcohol Nanofibers

Pages 235-248


Meysam Komijani; Mohebbat Mohebbi; Behrouz Ghorani

Improving the Stability and Bioaccessibility of Vitamin D3 in the Structure of Nanoniosomes Designed by Different Surfactants

Pages 249-260


Hamideh Maqamikia; Vahid Hakimzadeh; Akram Arianfar; Qadir Rajabzade; Mostafa Shahidi-Noghabi

Effects of Agitation and Aeration on Growth Kinetics of Spirulina platensis and Production of Natural Pigments in Stirred Photobioreactor

Pages 261-272


Sajjad Torabi; Mahshid Jahadi; Nafiseh Ghasemisepro

Effects of Adding Concentrated Protein of Bitter Orange Seed on Physical, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Set-Type Yogurt

Pages 273-284


Sheyda Tavakoli; Mohsen Mokhtarian

Effect of Ripening Degree of Sepestan Fruit on the Quality of its Pickle during Storage Period

Pages 285-298


Hossein Jooyandeh; Behrooz Alizadeh Behbahani; Mohammad Noshad; Mohsen Ebrahimi Hemmati Kaykha

Evaluation of the Effect of Different Copigmnting Compounds on the pH Stability of Phycocyanin Pigment

Pages 299-310


Reza Karazhian; Maryam Ameri; Najme Gord Noshahri; Ahmad Ehtiati

Effect of Sesame oil and Homogenization Pressure on the Physicochemical, Qualitative and Microbial Characteristics of Yogurt

Pages 311-324


Manoochehr Norooz; Mohammad Goli

Thermal Stabilization of the Betalain Extract Using Encapsulation and Co-pigmentation and its Application in the Model Drink

Pages 325-340


Hamed Saberian; Vahid Pasban Noghabi