Food Nanotechnology
Preparation of Nano-liposomes Carrying Phycobiliprotein Extracted from Red Algae (Gracilaria gracilis) with Chitosan Polymer Coating: Evaluation of Physicochemical, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties

Amir Haghdoost; Leila Golestan; Maryam Hasani; Mostafa Shahidi Noghabi; Seyed Ahmad Shahidi

Volume 11, Issue 2 , September 2022, Pages 109-122

  Encapsulation in liposome structure can be used as a protective carrier system for bioactive compounds during processing and storage under different conditions. Phycobiliproteins (PBPs) extracted from algae with antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties can be applied to ...  Read More

Food Nanotechnology
Optimization of Oil Bulking Agents Based on Inulin, Persian Gum and Alginate by Response Surface Methodology

Bita Mohammadalami; Akram Arianfar; Ali Mohammadisani; Sara Naji-Tabasi

Volume 11, Issue 2 , September 2022, Pages 123-140

  Nowadays, the food industry is looking for new ways to reduce the levels of saturated and trans fatty acids in processed foods and to produce suitable fat substitutes for high-fat products that provide all or some of the functional properties of fats and have health benefits. In this study, sesame oil ...  Read More

Food Nanotechnology
Evaluation of Antimicrobial Properties of Gliadin Nanofibers Containing Zataria multiflora Boiss Essential Oil and its Effect on Shelf-life Extension of Smoked Salmon Fish Fillet

Zohreh Bahrami; Ahmad Pedram Nia; Mohammadreza Saeidi-Asl; Mohammad Armin; Mojtaba Heydari-Majd

Volume 11, Issue 2 , September 2022, Pages 141-154

  The aim of this study was to produce electrospun gliadin nanofibers containing Zataria multiflora Boiss essential oil (ZMEO) (5, 10 and 15%, w/w) to create active antimicrobial mats. The minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimal bactericide concentration (MBC) of essential oil were measured. ...  Read More

Food Technology - Cereal Products and Baking
Production of Muffins with Reduced Fat Using Organogel Based on Carnauba Wax

Fatemeh Hanifi-Vahed; Mania Salehifar; Alireza Rahman

Volume 11, Issue 2 , September 2022, Pages 155-168

  The aim of this study was to produce low fat muffins using oleogels using carnauba wax and grape seed oil. The oil in the muffins formulation was replaced with various levels (0 and 100%). The rheological properties of different dough samples showed that all samples had shear-thinning behavior. By increasing ...  Read More

Safety and Quality Control of Food
Using Red Grape Seed Essential Oil Nanoemulsion (Vitis Vinifera) for Improvement of Chemicals and Bacteria Indices and Increasing the Shelf Life of Fresh Packaged Chicken Fillets at Refrigerated Temperature

Maryam Ghanbari; Abbasali Motallebi; Noordahr Rokni; Amirali Anvar

Volume 11, Issue 2 , September 2022, Pages 169-182

  Chicken fillet is one of the most popular food products made from chicken. Microbial growth and oxidation of lipids are the primary factors of spoilage of this product in refrigerated conditions. Chicken fillet samples were prepared in the form of a control sample and a treatment with grape seed essential ...  Read More

Food Nanotechnology
Microbiological, Biochemical, and Organoleptic Properties of Probiotic Dairy Desserts Made from Camel Milk and Echinophora platyloba Extract Nanoemolsiun

fatemeh kalhor; Farzaneh Abdolmaleki

Volume 11, Issue 2 , September 2022, Pages 183-198

  This study aimed to produce Lactobacillus Plantarum bacteria and the Echinophora platyloba extract nanoemulsions by sodium alginate to enrich dairy dessert based on camel milk. For this, the amount of 0.6, 1.25, and 2.5% Echinophora platyloba extract was added to dessert. Extract nanoemulsion, dairy ...  Read More

Food Chemistry
The Effect of Charcoal Based Chewing Gums in Reducing the Concentration of Unwanted Substances and Compounds: Dyes, Microbes and Viruses in Saliva

Mohammad Karimi; Ali Akbar Hemmati Nejad; Elham Yavari

Volume 11, Issue 2 , September 2022, Pages 199-208

  Adding various substances to the chewing gums has led to the formation of new applications for them, which include drug delivery and oral and dental hygiene. In this research, the physicochemical and rheological properties of charcoal chewing gum were studied using chemical analysis and sensorial methods. ...  Read More

Food Biotechnology
The Effect of Continuous and Separate Extraction Methods on the Yield and Quality of Extracted Protein and Chlorophyll from Spirulina platensis

Sanaz Urajeh; Parastoo Pourashouri; Bahareh Shabanpour; Seyed Vali Hoseini

Volume 11, Issue 2 , September 2022, Pages 209-222

  Spirulina is blue-green microalgae as an excellent source of protein and natural food colors such as phycobiliproteins, chlorophylls. So, extraction of these bioactive compounds is important. In this study, the mechanical treatments (freeze-defreeze, homogenization, ultrasonic), and chemical treatment ...  Read More