Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 283-382 
Effect of yeast, fermentation time and frying temperature on the amount of acryl amide and chemical properties of donut

Pages 283-298


Zohreh Ghaeini; Razieh Niazmand; Mostafa Shahidi Noghabi

Vitamin A palimitate-loaded nanoemulsions produced by spontaneous emulsification method: effect of surfactant and oil on droplet size and stability

Pages 299-314


Akram Pezeshky; Babak Ghanbarzadeh; Hamed Hamishehkar; Mohammad Moghadam; Isa Fathollahi

Replacing of pea and lentil seedflour in chicken sausage and investigation of physicochemical and sensorial properties of this product

Pages 315-324


Monire al sadat Borghei; Homa Baghaei; Amir Motamedi

Ultrasound-assisted extraction of saponins from chubak plant (Acanthophyllum Glandulosum) root based on their emulsification and foaming properties

Pages 325-342


Vahid Keyhani; Seyed Ali Mortazavi; Mehdi Karimi; Hojjat Karazhiyan; Zahra Sheikholeslami

Comparison of fructan yield of foreign cultivars and indigenous landrace of chicory and optimizing its extraction by response surface method (RSM)

Pages 343-354


Pegah Darjani; Marzieh Hosseini Nezhad; Hadi Shorideh; Mohammad Abdollahian-Noghabi; Rassoul Kadkhodaee; Ahmad Balandari; Elnaz Milani

Compare the results of the three methods, optical spectroscopy, voltammetry and titration in the measurement of vitamin c in fruit samples distributed in Qom Market

Pages 355-364


Ali yeganeh Faal

Beta-Carotene loaded nanoliposome: effects of gama –oryzanol on particle size stability and encapsulation

Pages 365-382


Sahra Bashiri; Babak Ghanbarzadeh; Hamed Hamishekar; Jalal Dehghannya