Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 4, March 2013, Pages 229-306 
Effect of sonication on sensory and rheological properties of Doogh enriched with omega-3 fatty acids

Pages 229-240


F. Sheikhshoaei; S. Abbasi

Effect of different concentration of maltodextrin and polyvinylpyrrolidone on stability of saffron’s effective compounds microencapsulated by spray drying

Pages 241-254


A. Kamali; P. Sharayei; R. Niazmand; S. Eynafshar

Investigation of effective parameters on particle size, zeta potential and steady rheological properties of colloidal system based on carrageenan-caseinate nanoparticles

Pages 255-272


M. Khoshmanzar; Babak Ghanbarzadeh; H. Hamishekar; M. Sowti; R. Rezayi Mokarram

Cloning of prochymosin gene in lactococcus lactis bacteria

Pages 273-282


L. Aminlari; A. Hosseini; M.H. Eskandari

The effect of storage temperature and packaging material on the quantity, quality and microbial properties of modified atmosphere packaging of saffron flower

Pages 283-294


M. Shoormij; S. Eynafshar; R. Niazmand; P. Sharayei

Effects of xanthan, alginate, CMC and thawing properties on Finger fish quality

Pages 295-306


A. Jamshidi; B. Shabanpour; K, Rahmanifarah; S.Y. Peighambari; H. Rostamzad; M. Azaribeh; L. Barzegar